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Fan Expo and More

Sooo Fan Expo this year was kinda nutty. Pretty much stayed in my hotel room or doing mini photoshoots.

Friday I was dressed as Casual Lightning. Stupid heels that were loose on me, they fit perfectly in the store.

Saturday dressed as Minato of P3, changed into Rukia in the afternoon. I should of went with Kate to the Hetalia photoshoot, she got a panick attack, so she was sorta depressed hence we changed into bleach characters~
Then changed back into Minato for a persona photoshoot with my Junpei at night.

Sunday dressed as Rukia, and finally got to go to the dealer's room. Bought some Persona Doujinshi. Bought some Mangas...and again bought the wrong volumes and have to go to Chapters to exchange 'em.

I saw Amy on Saturday~
Saw Alex and Carmen on Sunday. Funny how when I spotted Carmen, we both looked at each other, and tilted out heads to the side HAHA and I remembered that she dyed her hair blonde~

I didn't see Tina, Jeanette, Cheryl and Stancey.

Next con, Dot Con. I booked my room, I'm pretty sure I can squeeze more people in, not like Doubletree HAHA.

Also booked my hotel for Anime North with Doubletree.


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Sep. 1st, 2010 07:21 am (UTC)
I wish I could go to so many cons a year. I am lucky this year I am going to 2. lol. Next up for me is youmacon in october. 1st time going but I am hoping it will be fun. My friend went last year and had a great time. I don't think i'll cosplay cause it's sorta last min and I don't have time to making anything. lol
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