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It arrived~

Finally got my cloud ring in today~ ..though it sooo BIG on my fingers.

I will have to try and finish packing my clothes, minus Noel's outfit, need to try and finish that by tomorrow the latest lol.I feel like bringing Lightning's wig and wear casual clothes

ALSO need to wash two wigs, totally forgot about doing that.

I really don't want to go to work tonight.. it's going to be hell, and I'm there till 8 *sign*


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May. 26th, 2010 12:02 pm (UTC)
Hurray for your ring~!
Oh oh quick question. On Friday, what time will you be at the Hotel? Just so I know when to leave and won't have to stand around in the lobby with my shit. xD
May. 26th, 2010 07:10 pm (UTC)
Oh... well I think we should be there around 10? All depends on traffic.
May. 26th, 2010 09:28 pm (UTC)
Ah, okay. I'll probably get there 'round noon-ish or a little earlier, 'cause now I'm bringing Alex and she said she's going to lunch with someone or other. xD I'll text you when I get there~!
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