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Day Dreaming?

..I bought the wrong clay for paperclay. WTF was I day dreaming when purchasing stuff on Saturday? Now I have to wait till I can go to Wal Mart on my days off coming up.

Hibari 70% Done [Need to sew on sleeves and add zipper]

Gokudera 80% Done [Need to make choker not sure if I want to wear one. Make dynamite belt and make dynamites of course]

Noel Vermillion 50% Done [Need to make boot covers, add black and zipper to the dress, petal details, arm sleeves, spray painting the metal parts of her arm pieces, make red tie]

I still have a long way to go for Noel, hopefully with my three day off after monday, I can at least be 80% done her outfit.

Taking a break, and going to go play FFXIII ^^