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Also thinking..

I think I really will apply at Tim Hortons. I might not like it, but if I can get a day shift..and not a night shift, then it's way better.

Also we're not working by ourselves on nights, but we have to pick up from the other shifts and finish up all the orders that aren't done.

Re Vamp

My profile needs some updating lol.
Soooooooooooo will kill time, I should be in bed for work tonight..but I don't wanna lmao.
is going to regret this later

Jobless...Very soon.

I think I mentioned this already... starting this Monday we won't have any gas for a month at my work.
Sooooo they are switching all the shifts to SINGLE covered. One person 7-3, one person 3-11 and One person 11-7. I find that fucking stupid. I know we'll be dead and all...but it isn't safe for one person to work alone at night..NEVER. What if we fall and hurt ourselves? Get robbed? Like c'mon!
Well if they plan on doing that...I refuse to work and will have to quit..or go on stress leave.

I've applied at Starbucks, will probably apply at Tim Hortons, 'cause you get benefits. I'll hate the job, but I'll get a job at the city next year in the spring. Liane isn't hiring at EB Games...which makes me sad. I'll ask her if she needs to hire someone, then to tell me so I can bring in my resume.



I'm sick once again.. Really wish it would go away.
So we've cut back on hours again at work. I work by myself for two hours...fun. It's even worst without music. I'm losing my mind when I start humming christmas music.

I think I'm gonna ask if Liane can hire me for part time work. Be kinda cool working at EB games~ And work part time at 7-11 so I can keep my benefits.


Fan Expo and More

Sooo Fan Expo this year was kinda nutty. Pretty much stayed in my hotel room or doing mini photoshoots.

Friday I was dressed as Casual Lightning. Stupid heels that were loose on me, they fit perfectly in the store.

Saturday dressed as Minato of P3, changed into Rukia in the afternoon. I should of went with Kate to the Hetalia photoshoot, she got a panick attack, so she was sorta depressed hence we changed into bleach characters~
Then changed back into Minato for a persona photoshoot with my Junpei at night.

Sunday dressed as Rukia, and finally got to go to the dealer's room. Bought some Persona Doujinshi. Bought some Mangas...and again bought the wrong volumes and have to go to Chapters to exchange 'em.

I saw Amy on Saturday~
Saw Alex and Carmen on Sunday. Funny how when I spotted Carmen, we both looked at each other, and tilted out heads to the side HAHA and I remembered that she dyed her hair blonde~

I didn't see Tina, Jeanette, Cheryl and Stancey.

Next con, Dot Con. I booked my room, I'm pretty sure I can squeeze more people in, not like Doubletree HAHA.

Also booked my hotel for Anime North with Doubletree.


WHYYYY!! Why do you have to leave, anything but the military!


Finally beat Persona 4 this morning. Now re starting the game with everything transferred over~ Will play a little, then I will move onto beating P3 LOL
Very happy that I'm actually beating these games~



GAH stupid Izanami!! WHY WON'T YOU DIE!!
*sign* I refuse to give up! I like how she used death on all my characters..and the only one to fall is Soji..dodge it baka!! I wouldn't of cared if the other three died and Soji lived, I could of revived them.

I wish I can just skip the first form and go straight to the second form.

My team; Yukiko, Yosuke, Soji and Chie. They are my most leveled up characters.
*goes back to defeat the bitch*


SM Town

Anyone know where I can purchase SM Town Live 2010 concert tickets for the L.A show?
I REALLY want to go!! SuJu♥

Long weekend?

I think I deserve these days off..my god can it ever not be busy at work for once??

Kasey is coming down to visit!! Yes you!...also just realised I was spelling your name wrong, could of told me YOU KNOW!
I have a few plans on what we can do..
We have a fair that is in town this weekend.
Might also have glow in the dark mini potting in the mix LOL
We'll see how the weather is for us~ I have other stuff planned as well.