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Back in one piece from seeing Miyavi last night. It was pretty epic! I went with a few of my friends who listen to J-rock music. I was drentch after the first song, which of course was "Survive"♥. I really wish I didn't have my purse with me..might of jumped way more! I did mostly arms in the air and head banging!..which would explain why I'm sore! OH and course ALOT of SCREAMING ON MY PART~

And seriously! Guys that are tall, should stay in the back..not in the front. Stupid mofo with the blonde hair should of died! In my way of seeing Miyavi perform! I felt like hitting him in the back of the head or kick him in the shins!

I bought a t-shirt, poster and a tote bag~!

It took a lot to get there, but in the end everyone was happy we got to see him live..here in CANADA~

He played a couple of his new songs coming out in september; me and Casey are in love with "Stupid Mother Fucking Bitch!" I swear we couldn't stop singing it!! LMAO that and Bonamana.. leave it to him to have a awesome title like that!

He kept asking "What's my name!?" "What's my fucking name?!", oh yes he asked like 5, 6 times?

HAHA after the show we had to run for the bus, some guys in a car passed us saying "RUN FOREST RUN!" LOL it was pretty funny..but at the same time OMG don't miss that bus!!

Next concert; D'espairsRay!! They're coming to Canada!! and I'm going with Jeanette~ This will be epic! I think this time, I'll stay at a hotel ^^


Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan

OMG They will have a second season!!! YAY! I was thinking 12 episodes is too little. So this autumn it will be airing~

This made my day =^^=



I'm in love with Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan~♥
I love all the main characters! I've watched all 10 episodes last night lmao.
I love samurai anime shows~
Makes me want to play the game now *sign*

I foresee cosplay in the near future


FMA Brotherhood

I finally decided to catch up FMA brotherhood..but why is the beginning soo damn confusing? More like it's contradicting the first FMA? Killing off the blood iron alchemist in like 3 seconds of his appearance lol.
I hardly remember the manga that well..so maybe that's how it was in the manga?

As if I want to see Nina and Hughes die once again *sign*


Made a CURE account.

HAHA I made a account on CURE..though I don't think I'm that great of a cosplayer as the rest of 'em that are on that site.
ANYWAYS..I was trying to think of a username, and all the ones I wanted to use it wouldn't let me..so I put in Puma_Lightning... and it worked LOL




I'm soooooooo tempted to buy Starry Sky: In spring for the PSP LMAO.
But I'm 100% sure that I won't understand what the hell is going on HAHA

On a side note...I need to get back into studying Japanese *sign* Maybe I should move onto Korean instead? HAHA

Going shopping today with my mom and aunt. Need to buy my black pencil skirt and pink dress shirt for Lightning's outfit.

ALSO Casey do you think your mom would mind if I spend the night at your place after the concert? I know you won't mind..but your mom is still pretty iffy about me LMAO

Noel outfit

For those who don't have me on DA, I will post my pic of my Noel outfit.

I had my arm metal things, but as I tried to put them on at the hotel, they wouldn't fit me..more like it was REALLY hard to bend my arm.

Anime North

Today's the day~

Let's all not die of a heat stroke k? lmao see you all there~
ffxiii merch. here I come

Dies of laughter

Holy cow CASEY!!! YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS..you probably already have.


*on the floor laughing* omg my sides!!

goes back and works on her cosplay

It arrived~

Finally got my cloud ring in today~ ..though it sooo BIG on my fingers.

I will have to try and finish packing my clothes, minus Noel's outfit, need to try and finish that by tomorrow the latest lol.I feel like bringing Lightning's wig and wear casual clothes

ALSO need to wash two wigs, totally forgot about doing that.

I really don't want to go to work tonight.. it's going to be hell, and I'm there till 8 *sign*